Musical Instrument Range Chart  

copyright © 1997 by Larry Solomon  

The reference for this list of instrument ranges is the International Pitch Notation (IPN):

SOUNDS (transposition) COMMENTS
Soprano treble Coloratura: C4-Eb6
Lyric: Bb3-C6
Dramatic: Ab3-C6
Mezzo: G3-Bb5
C4-A5 as written  
Alto treble Contralto: F3-F#5 F3-D5 as written  
Tenor treble (open score)
bass (short score)
Countertenor: G3-F#5
Lyric: C3-C5
Dramatic: C3-Bb4
C3-A4 8ve lower in treble
as written in bass
Baritone bass Lyric: A2-G4
Dramatic: A2-G4
Bass: F#2-E4
G2-E4 as written  
Bass bass cantante: F2-F4
profundo: Db2-D4
Contrabass: Bb1-G3
E2-D4 as written  
Violin treble G3-A7 G3-G6 as written  
Viola alto C3-E6 B3-C6 as written  
Cello bass
(also tenor)
C2-C6 C2-G5 as written  
Double Bass bass C2-C5 E2-G4 8ve lower  
Banjo treble C3-A4 as written
(tenor sounds
8ve lower)
Guitar treble E3-E6 8ve lower  
Harp grand staff Cb1-G#7 as written  
Piccolo treble D4-C7 G4-A6 8ve higher
Flute treble C4-D7 D4-A6 as written
Flute, alto treble C4-C7 P4 lower uncommon in
amateur groups
Oboe treble Bb3-A6 C4-E6
English Horn treble B3-G6 B3-D6 P5 lower rare in amateur
all except bass
treble E3-C7 E3-F6 Bb: M2 lower
A: m3 lower
D: M2 higher
Eb: m3 higher
D, Eb are rare
in amateur groups
Clarinet, Bass treble or bass Eb3-G6 Eb3-C6 M9 lower;
M2 lower in bass
rare in amateur
Bassoon bass Bb2-Eb5 Bb2-Bb4 as written
Contrabassoon bass Bb2-Bb4 8ve lower rare in amateur
Saxophone, all treble Bb3-G6 Bb sop: M2 lower
Eb alto: M6 lower
Bb tenor: M9 lower
Eb baritone: 8ve+M6 lower
Bb bass: 2- 8ves +M2 lower
Horn treble or bass F#2-E4 C3-G5 P5 lower
all except Eb Bass
treble F#3-D6 A3-Bb5 C: as written
Bb: M2 lower
D: M2 higher
Eb: m3 higher
Cornet in C: as written
Cornet in A: m3 lower
Bb Bass: M9 lower
C Bass: 8ve lower
Flugelhorn: M2 lower
use only Bb and C
Trumpet, Eb Bass treble F3-C6 M6 lower
Trombone, Tenor bass, tenor, alto E2-F5 E2-Bb4 as written
Trombone, Bass bass Bb1-Bb4 Bb1-F4 as written
Tuba bass D1-F4 F1-C4 as written
Baritone bass or treble E2-Bb4 in bass as written in bass;
M9 lower in treble
Euphonium bass or treble Bb1-Bb4 in bass as written in bass;
M9 lower in treble
rare in amateur
Timpani bass 1: C2-A2
2: F2-C3
3: Bb2-F3
4: D3-A3
as written
Xylophone treble G4-C7 8ve higher
Marimba grand staff (C2 to A2)-C7 C3-C7 as written
Glockenspiel treble G3-C6 2- 8ves higher
Vibraphone treble F3-F6 as written
Chimes treble C4-G5 8ve higher
Piano grand staff A0-C8 as written
Celesta grand staff C3-C7 octave higher
Harpsichord grand staff F1-F6 as written
Harmonium grand staff F1-F6 as written
Organ grand staff C2-C7 as written

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