Driving Contract

I, ____ < Childs name > ____, on this day and hereafter do agree to the terms and conditions stated below for the privilege of driving any automobile while I am living under the direction and or support of my mother and father. I understand that driving is a privilege and not a "right", and that if I fail to uphold these agreements and my responsibility as a licensed driver, I will lose my privileges of driving as well as any other activities as my parents see fit. I also understand that anything less than perfect honesty with my parents regarding my driving and any related activities will result in immediate loss of these privileges.

1. I will obey all traffic laws at all times whether other drivers around me or other outside influences do or do not. My driving habits will include:
A. Specifically to drive at or under the speed limits at all times.
B. To change my driving to fit the conditions - drive only as fast as conditions dictate - i.e., slow down when conditions deteriorate.
C. Stop at all stop signs and red blinking lights, yield at all yield signs, etc.
D. Drive defensively at all times.
E. Keep a minimum of two seconds between my vehicle and the vehicle in front of me.

2. I will never drive anywhere at any time under the following conditions:
A. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (Any amount at any time.) There will not be any such substances in any form in the vehicle at any time. This will include passenger behavior as well.
B. When I am tired, sleepy, on prescription medicine or any other medicine which would affect my concentration or alert state.
C. When there is any reason to believe that the act driving is not as safe as normal. This would include the hour of the day, area driving in, weather, or other conditions.

3. If for any reason I cannot or should not operate any vehicle in a completely safe condition such as described in #2, I will call my parents and they will agree to pick me up and drive the car home with ABSOLUTELY no questions asked or any privileges lost. This is an agreed no-fault arrangement.

4. I agree to drive only within the area my parents and I have agreed on. I also understand that there will be specific areas I am not allowed to go to whether I have permission to go outside the normal driving area or not. Such driving area restrictions shall be written or verbal as my parents choose, and if I am not completely sure of them I will not drive any vehicle until I have discussed this with my parents.

5. I will not drive recklessly, show off, race challenge, speed, or in any way drive a vehicle in a manner which is not safe.

6. I will wear a seat belt at all times, and will make sure all passengers in the car I am driving will wear their seat belts as well. This includes the back seat.

7. I will make my parents aware of my plans and times of departure and arrival. If I am going to be late, I will call before I am late and explain the situation. I understand that calling is not an act of permission and I may be restricted or grounded for being late whether I call or not. However, failure to call will result in a substantial loss of privilege.

8. During the first six months of my driving privilege I will keep the radio turned down or off when I am driving. The radio or any other distraction us under my control an I will not allow the driving environment to be affected.

9. My parents will supply insurance at the basic rate for a perfect driving record. Any increase in cost resulting from my driving will be paid by me. Such increases will be paid upon notice of rate change or I will not drive until they are paid.

10. I understand that any and all of my driving privileges will be suspended under the following guidelines for any consecutive 6 month period:
A. 1st ticket - 1 week
B. 2nd ticket - 1 month
C. 3rd ticket - indefinite suspension
D. Any accident anywhere at any time - parental review - at least 1 week.

11. I understand that any and all of my driving privileges will be conditional to my responsibilities including maintaining a 3.0 GPA and helping in the household duties as determined by my parents - specifically my room, running errands, picking up and dropping off family members etc., with a kind and respectful attitude.

12. I agree to keep any vehicle I use clean inside and out at all times. If I am granted the primary use of a vehicle I understand it is owned by my parents and that it is my responsibility to maintain the vehicle completely as the owners manual recommends or my parents request.

13. Any car I am driving at any time cannot be loaned or its use granted to anyone at anytime.

14. In addition, it is my responsibility to be aware of the condition of the driver and the passengers of any car I ride in and to never stay in a car where the driver or passengers are inebriated, under the influence of drugs, or acting in any way which may put my life in danger. In this situation I can call my parents for a ride and this will be a no-fault relationship with no questions asked.

AGREED and ACCEPTED this ___ day of _______, 200_ by:

_______________ Driver

_______________ Parent 1

_______________ Parent 2