E-mail pledge

Please raise your mouse hand and recite the following pledge:

If you feel that you must forward emails, please do these things:

  1. Forward emails the SMART way:
    Don't put your friends email addresses in the "TO" field. Instead send it "TO" yourself, (yes you can do that), and use the BCC field for your contacts. This is the best gift you can give your friends and family. By using the "BCC" field you hide their email addresses from people who want to harvest them and use them for profit or for PORN, SPAM, etc. We can reduce or prevent this SPAM if we all use the BCC field!
  2. Clean up the forwarded emails:
    Delete all the headers and lists of previous forwarding victims. Your friends and family do not want to see all those email addresses; nor do they want to scroll for ever to see the email.
  3. Never forward any email as an attachment.
  4. Please ... just use plain text. Get rid of the backgrounds, stationary, fancy fonts, multiple colors etc etc.
    As Joe Friday would say; "The facts ma'am, just the facts"
    You don't need to prove to us how cute you think you are.

These websites should be kept easily accessible for checking on the latest hoax, chain letter, virus, etc.:

Happy surfing