I'm amazed of how many people do not understand the first thing about taxes.

There are only two kinds of taxpayers in the US. This is not a rich / poor; black / white; Republican / Democrat issue so don't try going down that path.

The only people in the US that pay taxes are "wage earners and consumers". Business's do not pay one penny in taxes. Now right now I know some of you are going "that right" those big 'ole evil corporations get out of paying taxes. Well you're partially right because its impossible for any business to pay taxes, let me explain why.

Lets pick on General Motors since they are a large and well reconized name. First yes GM writes large checks each year to hundreds of taxing agencies from local city goverments, county goverments, state goverments & the federal goverment. They also write big checks to school districts, water districts and the list goes on. I can hear it now, but wait I thought you said that business's and corportations dont' pay taxes. That correct. GM, Wal-Mart or your local neighborhood hardware store can not pay taxes unless they sell something. GM can not pay taxes if they don't sell automobiles. Wal-Mart can not pay their taxes if people don't shop in their stores so they can make a profit. Therefore get this now, if they don't make a profit they can't pay taxes. Where does their profit come from YOU the consumer.

So everytime someone says that we need to raise taxes on some industry remember you the consumer are going to wind up paying that tax. I've also had people tell me that Well they can just take it out of their profits. So a quick recap. Where do their profits come from? DUH, you the consumer so don't be too quick to say that such-and-such needs to pay more taxes because I can guarentee you that YOU and I, the consumer are going to pay them.