Greater Houston / Harris County Fox Hunting

General guidelines for a mobile transmitter hunt

The Hounds

The winner of the hunt is determined by the person/team who finds the transmitter with the least miles driven. Odometer readings are taken at the start point, and are then used to calculate the mileage driven by each participant at the end of the hunt.

Rule Modifications

Occasionally we may use an unmanned transmitter. In that event each hunt team will be given a control card at the start. The transmitter location will be marked with a standarad 6"x6" control bag and will have a standard orienteering punch for the control card. During the hunt instructions will be given over the fox frequency site on where to take the control card as proof of finding the fox.

Other rule modifications must be announced at least a week before a hunt if such a modification is deemed necessary by the fox/huntmaster. Rule changes may include the following

Hunt Results, Sunday 4 Dec 05

Wow ! ! ! We had seven hunter / hunter teams come out for this hunt

I learned a couple of things mainly because its been a while since I have been in a classic hunt based on milage. I had someone get the odometer readings for me since I had gone into hiding. I wanted to ensure that the hunters would be able to hear me on a HT at the starting point. Well I forgot to have them get the "tenths" or reset thier trip odometer. So we wound up with some milages that are the same (no tenths) so as a tie breaker I'm using time as the next criteria.

The line of site distance between the fox and the start was 2.4 miles.

In distance order with time as a tie breaker

  1. At 4 miles; Michael, KE5DGK & Dylan, KE5GSH whos parents did the driving.
  2. At 6 miles; David, N2OZK & Chris, KD5PTF
  3. At 6 miles; Mike, N5MT
  4. At 6 miles; Kyle, KG4YUQ
  5. At 6 miles; Nick, KC5KBO; Terry KD5AWZ & the lovely Julie KE5GOV
  6. At 7 miles; Walt, W5SWA & Jerry (?)
  7. And we didn't pressure Min, KE5GOK and his parents for their milage. As we say in classic foot orienteering, they made a nasty 180!

If you are new to fox hunting go to this page for help and tips.