DX-pedition to grid DL 79

DL79 is one of the most rare grids in the United States. I first began dreaming about an exploratory process of putting together a trip to this grid for the June 2003 ARRL VHF contest. My desire was to operate on 4 bands, 50/144/222/430, with 4 stations, concentrating on 50/144. I had done a recon out to the area looking for possible locatons to operate from. However work got in the way and I never got around to it.

Fast forward to late 2007. I was contacted by some individuals interested in the orginal web-page wondering if I was still considering this trip. This got me thinking and talking about it again. I'm sure things have changed over the past five to six years so another recon is in order. In order to maximize the number of possible contacts I want to make this trip on one of the ARRL or CQ VHF contest week-ends.

Update 2010. What I would really like to do is operate from the corner of 30.0 N X 104.0 W. This is the corner of DL79, DL89 DM70 & DM80. Three of these are on the top five most wanted grids by contestors. I contacted the league on what it would take to operate from the crossing of 30.00 - 104.00 and claim all four grids. The league bought off on my plan and laid out the "rules" I would need to play too. Right now all I need is to make a trip to meet the property (rancher) owner lay out my plans and get permission. After that its pick a week-end and gather equipment. Again work got in the way

Now here it is 2020. In talking to others about my dream a couple of other groups have made their way out to DL79. Now that work is not as big an issue I have acquired most of the equipment I would need for a well equipped trip. Instead of operating in Big Bend State Ranch there is a spot out on Hwy 67 just north of Presideo. It near a cemtary so the neighbors should not be any problem. The lat lon is 29.611593, -104.354009. There is also a fairly nice road site motel Riata Inn just down the road.