DX-pedition to grid DL 79

DL79 is one of the most rare grids in the United States. I first began dreaming about an exploratory process of putting together a trip to this grid for a contest a long time ago. I had done a recon out to the area looking for possible locatons to operate from. However work got in the way and I never got around to it. I had shared this with some hams who actually put a trip together.

Now here it is 2021. In talking to others about my dream a couple of other groups have made their way out to DL79. Now that work is not as big an issue I have acquired most of the equipment I would need for a well equipped trip. Instead of operating in Big Bend State Ranch there is a spot out on Hwy 67 just north of Presideo. It near a cemtary so the neighbors should not be any problem. The lat lon is 29.611593, -104.354009. There is also a fairly nice road site motel Riata Inn just down the road.